• Immersion Course
    with Emma Silverman, Dan Carter, Jeanette Lee, Rachel Morrison

    In our popular Immersion Course series, we delve into areas of the body students ask us about most often -- shoulders, core, hips and hamstrings.

    Join us for one or all four workshops. Individual workshops cost $40. Register by the Wednesday preceding the worksho for Early Birdy Pricing of 30; $25 for members. The entire series costs $110; $90 for members if you register by January 15. See below for individual coupon codes. Members please email Kelly for your coupon code.

    January 18 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    Every day life of sitting for hours on end, hiking, biking, walking and running all demand hip strength, but not flexibility. In fact, these activities can lead to tighter muscles in the hip flexors, rotators and illiopsoas. In this workshop with Jeanette Lee, we'll explore a sequences that will coax the body toward more open hips and learn how to approach hip openers in a safe and effective way for everyday practice. Early Bird code: EBHips good through Jan. 15

    January 25 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    Flexible, strong hamstrings are a key foundation for any yoga practice, and moving functionally through our lives -- they protect the lower back and help to anchor the sitting bones and open the pelvis. Tight hamstrings can inhibit our ability to lengthen the spine, can lead to lower back injury and prevent us from moving into more advanced poses. This workshop with Rachel Morrison will gently and gradually coax the hamstrings to lengthen and strengthen through a series of techniques and poses designed to create more awareness, flexibility and strength in this key muscle group. Runners welcome! Early Bird code: EBHammies good through Jan. 22

    February 1 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    The  word core is defined as "the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything." To move from the core will change your asana practice. It will deepen every pose and help bring you strength, grace and confidence. In this workshop with Dan Carter, we'll get a clear picture of all 360-degrees sides of the core, explore breathwork and build to a core-focused vinyasa practice. Early Bird code: EBCore good through Jan. 29

    February 8 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    Feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Rest your texting fingers, step away from your computer and melt your frozen shoulders. During this workshop with Emma Silverman we'll focus on bringing warm energy to your upper body, learn to create space in the shoulder girdle, relieve tension in the neck and head, work to increase shoulder mobility and build strength. Early Bird code: EBHips good through Feb. 5

  • Continuing Ed: Restorative Yoga
    with Emma Silverman

    This two-hour training with Emma Silverman will prepare yoga teachers to lead a Restorative Yoga Class. The training will explore the benefits of restorative classes and key restorative poses and props. The training will also look at how to guide someone in the process of relaxation, how to create a safe environment and how to structure and cue a restorative yoga class. 

    This training which is eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits costs $50. 


  • Yog for Runners
    with Dan Carter

    Getting ready for race season? Training for a big one? Yoga can help improve your balance, strength, flexibility and mental focus giving you a leg up for a 10K or all 26.2 miles. 

    In this workshop with Dan Carter we will focus on stretching and opening up the body parts runners strain like hamstrings and hip flexors as well as strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. We'll also send you home with poses to practice after a long run to keep you loose. 

    This workshop costs $40. Register by Wednesday, April 1 for Early Bird Pricing of $30; $25 for members. Use coupon code EBRunners at checkout to apply the discount. Members please email Kelly for your coupon code.

  • Continuing Ed: Cuing
    with Alicia Moyer

    This workshop with Alicia Moyer will help strenghten your ability to verbally guide and shape your students' experience. We'll talk about how to safely, effectively and confidently cue students of all levels. We'll learn effective alignment cues, common incorrect alignment cues and the why behind our words. Together, we'll work to find your unique voice as a teacher, leaving you empowered to teach from a place of authenticity so you can deliver a safe, effective class that empowers your students as well.

    This workshop costs $50 and is eligible for CECs with Yoga Alliance.

  • Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath Meditation
    with Paige Lichens

    Restorative Yoga is a practice known to help flexibility, relax the body, still the mind and improve our capacity for healing. While the vibration and tones from singing bowls help us relax and come into a deeper state of consciousness and awareness.

    In this workshop, we'll blend these two practices. Paige Lichens, an ERYT 500 Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Teacher, will lead us through a Restorative Yoga practice and then guide us through a singing bowl and gong meditation to balance the chakras and relax your body on a deeper level.  

    This workshop costs $40. Register by Wednesday, April 22 for Early Bird Pricing of $30; $25 for members. Use coupon code EBSoundBath at checkout to apply the discount. Members please email Kelly for your coupon code.

    Please note, each student must be pre-registered in their own name to guarantee a spot. If you buy a workshop pass for a friend, please email us with their full name so we ensure they are booked into the class.