• Kids Yoga

    Studies show practicing yoga helps chilren build confidence, concentration and self-esteem. It improves flexibility and balance, teaches kids how to exercise and helps off-the-mat athletics from soccer to swimming. In this fun and active 10-week series for kids, we uses poses, stories and games to help students develop their practice and grow. Our Fall series is underway. Details and dates for our Winter session coming soon. 

  • Beginner Yoga Series
    with Nichole Ferrigno

    This series of yoga fundamentals will provide an immersive experience with the basic physical postures as well as introduce students to basic centering, meditation and breath work. This series, which will include a healthy helping of safe alignment focus and strength building, will prepare students to embark on their own journey of exploration within the body and mind. Small group setting will facilitate a more personal experience. Bring lots of questions and an open curiosity.

    This series takes place at an off-site location. 

  • Immersion Course

    In our popular Immersion Course series, we delve into areas of the body students ask us about most often -- shoulders, core, hips and hamstrings. Join us for one or all four workshops. Individual workshops cost $30; $25 for members. The entire series costs $110; $90 for members. Members, please email Kelly for a coupon code to apply your discount.
    January 12 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    Feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Rest your texting fingers, step away from your computer and melt your frozen shoulders. During this workshop with Dan Carter we'll focus on bringing warm energy to your upper body, learn to create space in the shoulder girdle, relieve tension in the neck and head, work to increase shoulder mobility and build strength.
    January 19 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    The  word core is defined as "the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything." To move from the core will change your asana practice. It will deepen every pose and help bring you strength, grace and confidence. In this workshop with Clare Kelley, we'll get a clear picture of all four sides of the core, explore pranayama and build into a core-focused vinyasa practice, wll without doing a single sit-up. 
    January 26 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    Every day life of sitting for hours on end, hiking, biking, walking and running all demand hip strength, but not flexibility. In fact, these activities can lead to tighter muscles in the hip flexors, rotators and illiopsoas. In this workshop with Caroline Weaver, we'll explore a sequences that will coax the body toward more open hips and learn how to approach hip openers in a safe and effective way for everyday practice. 
    February 2 | 4:00-6:00 PM
    Flexible, strong hamstrings are a key foundation for any yoga practice -- they protect the lower back and help to anchor the sitting bones and open the plevis. But hamstrings are often stubbornly tight, which may to lower back injury and difficulty moving into more advanced poses. This workshop with Rachel Morrison will gently and gradually coax the hamstrings to lengthen through a series of poses designed to create more flexibility in this key muscle group. Runners welcome!

  • Kids Yoga - Winter

    Studies show practicing yoga helps children build confidence, concentration and self-esteem. It improves flexibility and balance, teaches kids how to exercise and helps off-the-mat activities from soccer to swimming. 
    In our ten-week series, we use songs, stories, games, yoga postures, breathing techniques and mindfulness activities to help little yogis develop a practice that helps them grow on and off the mat. 
    Our Winter Session begins the week of January 28 with:
    * 5-7 year olds on Mondays at 4:15
    * 8-12 year olds on Wednesdays at 4:15
    Please purchase the Kids Series under your account and email us with your child's full name, date of birth and the specific class you'd like him or her to attend. We make sure the pass and registration is in your child's name. 

  • YAY
    with Dayna Heater, Rachel Morrison

    In YAY (Young Adult Yoga) we focus on practical yoga, meditation and journaling practices that can help decrease stress and anxiety, improve concentration, increase balance, strength and coordination, boost physical and emotional flexibility and heighten awareness of self and others.  
    This ten-class series takes place every other Friday at 4:15 PM.

  • Virtual Meditation
    with Michael Peterson

    A regular meditation practice can reduce stress, enhance concentration, improve sleep, support the immune system and more. But it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide, particularly in the beginning. There are a lot of messages about meditation in popular culture that can lead to misunderstanding and struggle. Our four-week meditation series includes instruction as well as the opportunity to ask questions, troubleshoot your practice and practice with the community -- all from the comfort of your home. 
    Week 1: Understanding the Function of Stress and the Mind
    Stress is normal. And it can cause problems. Understanding how the brain and nervous system deal with stress provides a foundation on which to approach meditation skillfully. 
    Week 2: Foundations of Mindfulness
    What is the difference between awareness and thinking? We will discuss and practice fundamental meditation techniques. 
    Week 3: Concentration, Relaxation and Right Effort
    Too much effort in meditation and you'll add to your stress; too little effort and you'll miss the benefits. So, how do you know what is too much and what is too little in meditation? We'll address this question.
    Week 4: Troubleshooting and Moving Forward
    We'll discuss some common pitfalls in meditation and explore how to make a home practice accessible to you. 
    Students must pre-register for the entire series by February 4 in order to receive instructions to connect to the course. Students will be able to connect via phone or computer. Recordings of all four classes will be available to download so if you miss a week you will still receive all four sessions. 
    The entire four-week session costs $50; $40 for members. Members please email Kelly for the discount code. 

  • Yogic Practices for Sustainable Happiness
    with Kelly DiNardo

    It's easy to think of yoga as just our time on the mat, but yoga can also be a work in, not just a workout. The ancient teachings found in The Yoga Sutras outline an eight-limbed system that explores our relationship with the world, others, our body, mind and spirit. And they provide wisdom and guidance for how to cultivate joy and lead a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.
    In this workshop with Kelly DiNardo, we'll take a brief look at the sutras, the eight-limbed system and the promise of yoga and explore five off-the-mat yogic practices  for sustainable happiness. Please bring a pen, journal or paper and your copy of Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat (available at the studio, on Amazon on wherever good books are sold).
    The workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members, please email Kelly for your coupon code.

  • Couples Yoga
    with Dan Carter

    Join us for an intimate afternoon of yoga, partner poses and even some belly laughs. We'll use partner work to discover new ways to foster correct alignment, balance openness and have fun. The afternoon is fun, light, a little saucy and perfect for all levels. After we practice, we'll send you off with a champagne toast and you'll be ready for a great date night.
    The workshop costs $60/couple; $50 for members. Please email Kelly your date's full name. 

  • Art of Relaxation
    with Emma Silverman

    Stretch into yoga heaven with self-massage techniques, hand-on adjustments, and juicy yoga poses. Join Emma Silverman and guest assistants for this incredible opportunity to experience the healing powers of touch. We will enjoy warm-ups, gentle flow, and restorative yoga accompanied by assists throughout. Get assisted into bliss!
    This workshop costs $30, $25 for members. Members please email Kelly for the coupon code. 

  • Restorative Yoga + Sound Bath Meditation
    with Paige Lichens

    Restorative Yoga is a practice known to help flexibility, relax the body, still the mind and improve our capacity for healing. While the vibration and tones from singing bowls help us relax and come into a deeper state of consciousness and awareness.
    In this workshop, we'll blend these two practices. Paige Lichens, an ERYT 500 Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Teacher, will lead us through a Restorative Yoga practice and then guide us through a singing bowl and gong meditation to balance the chakras and relax your body on a deeper level.  
    This workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members please email Kelly for your coupon code. 

  • Yoga for Runners
    with Dan Carter

    Getting ready for race season? Training for a big one? Yoga can help improve your balance, strength, flexibility and mental focus giving you a leg up for a 10K or all 26.2 miles. 
    In this workshop with Dan Carter we will focus on stretching and opening up the body parts runners strain like hamstrings and hip flexors as well as strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. We'll also send you home with poses to practice after a long run to keep you loose. 
    The workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members, please email Kelly for the coupon code to apply your discount. 

  • Taking Flight: An Arm Balances Workshop
    with Dan Carter

    Challenged by arm balances? Looking to learn some new ones?  Come to this workshop to learn the fundamentals of successful arm balancing. You'll learn how to tap into your core, distribute your weight and use balance to liberate these challenging asanas. 
    The workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members, please email Kelly for the coupon code to apply your discount.