• Beginner Yoga Series
    with Nichole Ferrigno

    This series of yoga fundamentals will provide an immersive experience with the basic physical postures as well as introduce students to basic centering, meditation and breath work. This series, which will include a healthy helping of safe alignment focus and strength building, will prepare students to embark on their own journey of exploration within the body and mind. Small group setting will facilitate a more personal experience. Bring lots of questions and an open curiosity.

    This series takes place at an off-site location in Mt. Pleasant (near the studio). The address will be emailed to registered students in advance. 

    Students register for the entire four-week series, which costs $75; $65 for members. Members please email Kelly for the coupon code. 

  • Foam Rolling + Yoga Teacher Training
    with Dan Carter

    As far as we know, the earliest yogis didn’t practice with foam blocks, straps or sticky mats, but as yoga continues to evolve we often turn to props to help us access a posture more fully and deepen our asana practices. With that in mind, we’ll look at how a foam roller and other Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) techniques can be used within a yoga practice.

    Foam Rolling and SMR are well known in the physical therapy world and gym setting, but how does it fit in a yoga studio? Understanding the incredible benefits make it a complementary component to a yoga practice and can lead to greater flexibility, range of movement, and an overall sense of ease.

    This training with Dan Carter, E-RYT, will provide you with the benefits and principles of how foam rolling works and how it complements a yoga practice. We’ll explore specific foam rolling exercises with corresponding asanas and how you can create a well-rounded class for your students.

  • Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath Meditation
    with Paige Lichens

    Restorative Yoga is a practice known to help flexibility, relax the body, still the mind and improve our capacity for healing. While the vibration and tones from singing bowls help us relax and come into a deeper state of consciousness and awareness.

    In this workshop, we'll blend these two practices. Paige Lichens, an ERYT 500 Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Teacher, will lead us through a Restorative Yoga practice and then guide us through a singing bowl and gong meditation to balance the chakras and relax your body on a deeper level.  

    This workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members please email Kelly for your coupon code. Please note, each student must be pre-registered in their own name to guarantee a spot. If you buy a workshop pass for a friend, please email us with their full name so we ensure they are booked into the class.

  • Living Yoga Teacher Training
    with Alicia Moyer

    Living Yoga Teacher Training, a Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour program, is designed for any yoga student or aspiring teacher seeking broader knowledge of classical yoga teachings in an accessible format and supportive environment. The program will examine the philosophical underpinnings of yoga from the lens of our modern lives and empower students to live their yoga beyond the physical practice. This program is good for students who are ready to make the sincere commitment to take their practice deeper physically, mentally and spiritually. We invite you to spend these six months with us getting stronger, building healthy habits and cultivating a more vital, conscious way of life.

    Under the direction of Alicia Moyer, ERYT-500, and Dan Carter, ERYT-500, in conjunction with the Past Tense Teacher Training team, this vinyasa yoga training is a comprehensive six-month program that will hone your teaching skills, deepen your personal yoga practice and guide you through the beautiful layers of yourself to uncover your innate wisdom. 

    Please visit our website for dates and details. 

  • Intro to Ayurveda
    with Nichole Ferrigno

    Ayurveda is a 5,000-year old Indian system of medicine, which is often referred to as the sister science of yoga.  Like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda draws on an intuitive and innate ability of the body to heal itself.  In this workshop we will explore the various constitutions of Ayurveda, a number of lifestyle plans and approaches that will best suit your personal constitution, learn ways to use yoga asana to bring balance to your constitution, and explore oil self massage (abhyanga).  Come curious!


    This workshop costs $40. Register by Wednesday, November 13 for Early Bird Pricing of $30; $25 for members. Use coupon code EBAyurveda to apply the discounted rate. Members please email Kelly for your coupon code. Please note, each student must be pre-registered in their own name to guarantee a spot. If you buy a workshop pass for a friend, please email us with their full name so we ensure they are booked into the class.

  • Prenatal Teacher Training
    with Lindsey Uhrig

    Past Tense’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, a Yoga Alliance registered 85-hour program, is dedicated to teaching yoga teachers how to honor and empower the pregnant person. Graduates of this program will feel confident in leading prenatal and postnatal public and private yoga sessions that accommodate all bodies and all journeys. Instead of a list of can dos and can’t dos, graduates will learn how to lead classes that provide the opportunity for self-expression and self-awareness, aiding a pregnant person on a journey of discovery during this changing and miraculous time.

    For more details, training dates, application, FAQs please visit our detailed Prenatal Teacher Training page

    The early-bird discount is available through August 1. Please email Kelly for the coupon code.